The average consumer who waits 10 minutes or more in line won't come back

Skip the Line

Simply let your customers text their order to your restaurants phone number and receive it without having to man it!

Text (404) 476-5307 to see how it works or click here

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What is SkipTheLine?

Simple ordering text message system in three easy steps.

Step 1: A customer texts you a order they want, i.e. espresso.

Text (404) 476-5307 to see how it works or click here

Build A Better Business

If you ever have a line you are losing customers. Market research suggests that customers who wait more than 10 minutes will not come back. Taking orders should never be the bottleneck for your business. Try this savings calculator to see how the inability to take order is costing you money.

Get Grubhub & UberEats out of your pocket

Free Tablet to recieve Orders

- Free state of the art tablet We can provide you with an easy-to-use tablet to field text orders, or we can integrate orders directly into your POS system. Whatever makes sense for you, makes sense to us.

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